Kelly Guimont

We're The Muppets. We Rebel.

Frank Oz: The Muppets have always been, through Jim’s spirit, rebellious. We made this documentary in a rebellious form, and doing all of this on our own was a rebellious idea. Rebellious ideas are what we love.

I adore the Muppets and I always have. I can not wait for this documentary about Muppet Guys Talking.

Aren’t Muppets a good example? Bears, pigs, chickens, chefs, they all come together and make something great. Years ago I read a Sesame Street book to little kids and it was about excluding Elmo because he was red, but one of them said “Red is good. Blue is good. Different is good.” That always stuck with me.

I was raised on Muppets and Mister Rogers, taught the world could be better with a little bit of compassion and kindness (and music and some jokes). Sometimes it feels like I was the only one who got the message.