Kelly Guimont

You might like Pixel Thoughts if you have something on your mind. It’s a teeny bit of mindfulness while you wait for your Mindfulness Book from @patrickrhone to show up in your inbox. (:

My Micro Monday pick is @davemacdo because he has interesting stuff to say including that my not so subtle advertising on Uncanny Valley is actually working. 😊

You’re my favorite so you get this first: Westworld Rewind Episode 2.

Because @Patrickrhone said these pens are what the kids call the bomb diggity. I found the notebook in an Amazon rabbit hole.

I just saw the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts ad for the first time this year and it is a happy thing to me. That lion cracks me up and today it was extra needed.

I really like it here and I just wanted you all to know. It is really great and every time I hop in to check my timeline I am happier. So thanks.

Do you have something you struggle with but do anyway because of the trade off? I love doing my podcast with @donmelton so much, but editing feels twice as hard as it should be. I do it because I love the show so much but it is really hard. If you are an editor tips are welcome!

Hello and welcome to Short Notice Theater! Tomorrow night you can meet me and @macgenie at Voicebox East, we’re under the name Core Audio. And I see it’s midnight now so I actually mean tonight! We commence rocking at 6pm. Let me know if you want to come!

My Micro Monday pick is @agiletortoise maker of Drafts. I love that he’s public about what he’s working on/thinking about because I am fascinated by The Process (whatever you’re doing) and I adore Drafts so it’s fun to get to see.

What you did there? I see it.

Today during ukulele time I learned a new song that includes two new chords and it is a song I love so I am pretty excited about it. (:

You know those Lefty Field Notes I told you about earlier? You also need a pencil. And this one is only three dollars right now! It is the best one. Make with the clicky!

Look out kids! Kelly and Don are trying to make #WestworldWednesdays a thing. So today we whipped up an episode about the #Westworld Season Two Trailer. I set a timer for 15 minutes! Did we make it?…

Mostly for @jeffmueller but also for others: I love these RUme Mini Totes. They are super durable and fold super flat and you can always get one or two more things in them than you think. Their larger bags are good too but this is such a great size. (Available elsewhere too.)

Well, it’s getting closer. Finally a curly hair emoji

I’m sure at least some notebook/paper/pen nerds are lefties, so check out this thing I just discovered: Lefty Field Notes!!

I think reading a conversation here has inspired a blog post. And since it was here I think it will be a M.b post. So thanks @JeffPerry (:

My Micro Monday recommendation today is to pay attention to your timeline and click “Conversation” on some of those posts that are replies to others. You’ll find someone you like! I know that’s not a person, but it IS a recommendation. (:

Where my crafty peeps at? I have a Cricut machine that takes cartridges and I have some basic questions about use. I want to learn from others’ mistakes, so if you have any tips to pass on I’m all (appreciative) ears. (:

OK, sound off NBA fans: Any Rip City here or is all of that still over on the birdie one?