Kelly Guimont

In my resolutions which I mentioned before, one of the side effects is leaning into things I am and do. “Oh I’m not an organizer, I just book the space and manage the mailing list and send the email reminders.” That makes you an organizer, Kelly, admit it!

I got a gift card at Christmas I turned into an Apple Music subscription so I now happily accept links to playlists and whatnot. But you’ll have to try REALLY hard to pull me away from the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack which is basically ALL I listen to right now.

I have made a concerted effort to spend more time with yarn lately and aside from forcing me to plan time better it also makes me feel good to create even if it’s following a pattern so not all that creative on my part I’m still finding it enjoyable. Here’s one now! FE557B93-1508-43A9-8DFE-33D4DC556CB6.jpg

A thing I am trying this year is accepting compliments better and taking pride in things I’m good at. And yes I know how it sounds (: but I try to downplay a LOT and I need to be better about recognizing my skills/talents and having enough confidence in myself to say thanks.

Let’s say someone was in the market for the Honda Civic of dice sets. Your basic rpg setup. What does that person need to know/look for when dice shopping?

If you’re local or just happen to be in Portland next week, CoreAudio karaoke is happening on Tuesday! FYI.

I’ve missed you m.b and I’m going to spend more time here going forward.

I’m watching the CNN series History of Comedy and the casual mentions of stuff that can’t be seen easily now is really sad to me as a person who thinks this day and age could really use some laughter.

My birthday is Friday, so I’m doing a fundraiser for App Camp for Girls! If FB is still a thing you do:…

Hi @cheesemaker (:

I’m the LAST person to tell you to go to Facebook but if you’re interested in getting me something for my birthday (next Friday!) you can donate to my App Camp For Girls fundraiser on the bookface:…

I hope y’all have a Happy Halloween! It is just getting to be candy time here, but no kids to the door just yet…

I love, it’s less frantic than Twitter and still has the “yay!” that used to be what I liked about being over there. (:

Let me tell you all about how much I want a new iPad Pro even though I love the iPad I have now…

Thanks to all who liked my idea of adding a “so “ to projects. I find it much easier to stay motivated when I remind myself what I’m doing for it for, not just what needs doing. For those who missed it: my projects have a so like “do this so I can have more fun” (:

Missing @macgenie tonight at the Breakpoints jam. 💚💚

Dear @theweeklyreview I’d like you to know that I too get misdirected emails. I HAVE logged in and changed passwords on hookup/gambling sites and I don’t feel a bit bad about it. Nobody uses mine for “legit” stuff. Some messages have a “click here if this isn’t you” too.

Just gonna mention @tbridge so he starts Pavlov’s Dogging over here instead of the old place. (:

Hey @manton I have a small feature request for the Mac app: Please when I click on ‘X new posts’ have the posts load above the most recent one I’m viewing so I can scroll up from there. If there are many I have to scroll all the way down and then all the way back up.

I’m watching Aretha Franklin’s funeral and they have just spontaneously had a dance break so now I have decided when it’s Time for me I want a dance break in the middle too. Thank you, that is all.

So we have The Oregonian, which is fine, but we also have this Mid-County Memo, which covers the part of Portland where I actually live. I’m considering finding out how to write stories for them to get involved and informed. What say you?

Me: I want some peppy music for yard work. Let’s do the all 80’s channel on Amazon Music! Amazon music: I’ll show you! Track 1: Aretha and George Michael 2: Tom Petty 3: David Bowie

ICYMI: I helped @akimotor001 start a microcast! Enjoy A Meal And A Movie and then listen to the first episode of A Meal And A Movie!

Sometimes when I say “that should be a podcast” it turns into reality. I give you A Meal And A Movie, the premiere episode!

I just read the phrase “and the Jawa calls the Ewok short” and I’m now adding that to my vocabulary where the pot/kettle cliche used to be. Please update your records accordingly.