Kelly Guimont

Dear @theweeklyreview I’d like you to know that I too get misdirected emails. I HAVE logged in and changed passwords on hookup/gambling sites and I don’t feel a bit bad about it. Nobody uses mine for “legit” stuff. Some messages have a “click here if this isn’t you” too.

Just gonna mention @tbridge so he starts Pavlov’s Dogging over here instead of the old place. (:

Hey @manton I have a small feature request for the Mac app: Please when I click on ‘X new posts’ have the posts load above the most recent one I’m viewing so I can scroll up from there. If there are many I have to scroll all the way down and then all the way back up.

I’m watching Aretha Franklin’s funeral and they have just spontaneously had a dance break so now I have decided when it’s Time for me I want a dance break in the middle too. Thank you, that is all.

So we have The Oregonian, which is fine, but we also have this Mid-County Memo, which covers the part of Portland where I actually live. I’m considering finding out how to write stories for them to get involved and informed. What say you?

Me: I want some peppy music for yard work. Let’s do the all 80’s channel on Amazon Music! Amazon music: I’ll show you! Track 1: Aretha and George Michael 2: Tom Petty 3: David Bowie

ICYMI: I helped @akimotor001 start a microcast! Enjoy A Meal And A Movie and then listen to the first episode of A Meal And A Movie!

Sometimes when I say “that should be a podcast” it turns into reality. I give you A Meal And A Movie, the premiere episode!

I just read the phrase “and the Jawa calls the Ewok short” and I’m now adding that to my vocabulary where the pot/kettle cliche used to be. Please update your records accordingly.

Welcome @akimotor001 to!

Hey @manton I have a bit of feedback: When I’m signed in to a browser I can’t see any of the “external” website pages. Like, I want to know more about Wavelength and all the site wants to show me is my timeline.

Let’s be honest, everybody’s life could use a teeny bit more adorable in it. Allow me to introduce you to The JonCast! courtesy of @macgenie and her nephew Jon.

My friend @macgenie and I whipped up an episode of Micro @Monday in the airport. Come see! micro Monday Extra

I’m listening to @chuckjoiner at #Macstock, “It’s so dangerous and so much fun.” (I won’t tell you what he was talking about.) #Macstock2018

Thanks to @macgenie and her #Macstock breakout session, I’ve officially set up my to cross post to Twitter. I think this is going to be the best way to get things on Twitter from now on. Until Twitter screws that up too.

Hey @manton can you make it so email addresses can have a + in them please? Asking for a friend (@macgenie) who could really use that right about now (:

Hanging out in the session at Macstock led by @macgenie and (not so) secretly hoping to make it on the screen. (:

Hey @TheWeeklyReview here’s a topic: Processing. What wins between “handle it once” and “batch the thngs”? In my job I take all incoming, how can I get through them most efficiently? Read all and then batch, or process each in order?

Feeling super overwhelmed today, who wants to chant with me? “I can do everything, one thing at a time…”

I know it’s late. But I also know that @macgenie needs this in her life: 8 year old girl DESTROYS Good Times Bad Times and it’s possible you do too. Click through and enjoy.

Pro tip: just because you know the hosts of @TheWeeklyReview, it doesn’t mean they can hear you when you talk back to their podcast. (Yes this is mostly here to remind me not you.)

My friend @liz gave a great talk at Next Door last week. She also took the time to recap it for you on her Please read it, and if you are ever a conference attendee doubly so.

I’m at WWDC this week and if you are too I’d love to say hi!

In case you want to hear me talk about Solo with some other people, we did an Incomparable Flashcast about it this afternoon. Sometimes You Need A Wookiee

I have seen Solo twice now, AMA