Kelly Guimont


I am both super sad y’all aren’t here at karaoke with me and @macgenie and errybody else but I also am really happy to be here with errybody. 💚 🎤🎶

Happiest of days to @brentsimmons one of my personal favorites. (:

Wishing for a list of people who follow me even if it’s secret because I keep discovering awesome people I didn’t follow yet. Please @manton name your price! (:

Yeah, so um…I was sick this weekend. How sick? I lost nine pounds. But I survived, so screw you death! Just wanted y’all to know I’m not dead. 👋

I’m not saying anything so I don’t jinx it I’mma just look at the score and look at @cheesemaker and nod knowingly. 🏀

We're The Muppets. We Rebel.

Frank Oz: The Muppets have always been, through Jim’s spirit, rebellious. We made this documentary in a rebellious form, and doing all of this on our own was a rebellious idea. Rebellious ideas are what we love.

I adore the Muppets and I always have. I can not wait for this documentary about Muppet Guys Talking.

Aren’t Muppets a good example? Bears, pigs, chickens, chefs, they all come together and make something great. Years ago I read a Sesame Street book to little kids and it was about excluding Elmo because he was red, but one of them said “Red is good. Blue is good. Different is good.” That always stuck with me.

I was raised on Muppets and Mister Rogers, taught the world could be better with a little bit of compassion and kindness (and music and some jokes). Sometimes it feels like I was the only one who got the message.

Hey look! It’s me! On The Menu Bar podcast!

OK webdev types: I am trying to set up this XML feed on my own site, but I want the data to be preserved (by default it’s not permanently stored by the provider of the data). If someone can help or point me at data that will I’d really appreciate it!

Hey all, what was the tool that mapped AdN usernames to micro.blogs? I can’t find it.

Does this count as hanging out with Don?

You might like Pixel Thoughts if you have something on your mind. It’s a teeny bit of mindfulness while you wait for your Mindfulness Book from @patrickrhone to show up in your inbox. (:

My Micro Monday pick is @davemacdo because he has interesting stuff to say including that my not so subtle advertising on Uncanny Valley is actually working. 😊

You’re my favorite so you get this first: Westworld Rewind Episode 2.

Because @Patrickrhone said these pens are what the kids call the bomb diggity. I found the notebook in an Amazon rabbit hole.

I just saw the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts ad for the first time this year and it is a happy thing to me. That lion cracks me up and today it was extra needed.

I really like it here and I just wanted you all to know. It is really great and every time I hop in to check my timeline I am happier. So thanks.

Do you have something you struggle with but do anyway because of the trade off? I love doing my podcast with @donmelton so much, but editing feels twice as hard as it should be. I do it because I love the show so much but it is really hard. If you are an editor tips are welcome!

Hello and welcome to Short Notice Theater! Tomorrow night you can meet me and @macgenie at Voicebox East, we’re under the name Core Audio. And I see it’s midnight now so I actually mean tonight! We commence rocking at 6pm. Let me know if you want to come!

My Micro Monday pick is @agiletortoise maker of Drafts. I love that he’s public about what he’s working on/thinking about because I am fascinated by The Process (whatever you’re doing) and I adore Drafts so it’s fun to get to see.