Kelly Guimont

Hey @TheWeeklyReview here’s a topic: Processing. What wins between “handle it once” and “batch the thngs”? In my job I take all incoming, how can I get through them most efficiently? Read all and then batch, or process each in order?

Feeling super overwhelmed today, who wants to chant with me? “I can do everything, one thing at a time…”

I know it’s late. But I also know that @macgenie needs this in her life: 8 year old girl DESTROYS Good Times Bad Times and it’s possible you do too. Click through and enjoy.

Pro tip: just because you know the hosts of @TheWeeklyReview, it doesn’t mean they can hear you when you talk back to their podcast. (Yes this is mostly here to remind me not you.)

My friend @liz gave a great talk at Next Door last week. She also took the time to recap it for you on her Please read it, and if you are ever a conference attendee doubly so.

I’m at WWDC this week and if you are too I’d love to say hi!

In case you want to hear me talk about Solo with some other people, we did an Incomparable Flashcast about it this afternoon. Sometimes You Need A Wookiee

I have seen Solo twice now, AMA

And now for ukulele practice!

Hey @mikedotfm I have a couple Dialog questions for you what’s the best way to get in touch?

I got an email from Freshbooks about how my account is being upgraded to their exciting new account types (none of which are free). I don’t have loyalty to Freshbooks, just inertia. I don’t need much invoicing, do you have a free option you like?

I’m using Icro by @hartlco and if you are on iOS but don’t have it yet, you should!

My kingdom for:

  • Something or someone to help my neck/shoulder stop hurting so I can go back to regular life.
  • The name of the remix of Mama Said Knock You Out in the Deadpool trailer so I can buy it HARD and play it LOUD.

What’s this? @WestworldRewind is a thing on Well well well, William Tell…

My #MicroMonday recommendation is a BOGO style pick: @theweeklyreview which is a shiny new podcast from @macgenie and @jamesdempsey and it’s a great perspective on productivity by people who happen to use it, instead of productivity by People Who Are All About Productivity.

If anyone here has a recommendation of a yoga or Pilates or other stretchy time type app I am all ears. Bonus points if there’s an Apple TV version.

Join @donmelton and I in obsessing over Westworld season two by obsessing over the premiere with our of Greetings from the Uncanny Valley. One of our best IMO. 🤠🌐

Howdy do @ianbetteridge (:


I am both super sad y’all aren’t here at karaoke with me and @macgenie and errybody else but I also am really happy to be here with errybody. 💚 🎤🎶